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Introduction to NabaztagAPI

Welcome to the Nabaztag API wrapper for Actionscript 3 project homepage.

Current version: Version 1.1 (Apr 9, 09)

The NabaztagAPI project is an ActionScript 3 wrapper for the Nabaztag API. It allows you to build Flex 2/3 and Adobe AIR projects for the Nabaztag and Nabaztag/tag, without having to do the heavy lifting. Also included is the sample application, NabaztagExplorer, which demonstrates how to use the NabaztagAPI library, and also allows you to experement with the Nabaztag API itself.

What NabaztagAPI does

All current functions of the Nabaztag API are implemented, without restrictions. Currently, the crossdomain.xml file on Nabaztag's servers is very restrictive, so I've included sample proxy files for ColdFusion and PHP. Also, the API does not seem to appriciate multiple commands being sent at the same time, with seemingly random results if you do something like send a tts and a choreography at the same time. Hopefully they'll get their acts together in the near future with more stable servers and an expanded API for developers.

What's to come

Currently, all that's on the agenda is fixing any bugs found. Other than that, if the Nabaztag API is expanded, I'll update this library accordingly.

Version History



Release Version 1.1 (Apr 9, 09)