Shriners rock.

Thought I’d share this story… A friend of mine developed a chest condition that, after seeing many doctors, was left uneasy in that none of them had any solid plan of how to correct the problem. Eventually he found a specialist who not only had performed the needed corrective surgery, but was also a volunteer surgeon at the Shirners Hospital. At the time, he was a sophomore in high school, so he ended up getting treatment at no cost to him through the amazing Shriners program. After the surgery, he had to wear a prosthetic to protect his ribs after the surgery.

The problem was that normally this condition only exists in children born with the condition, so the prosthetic was not designed for a teenager. It ended up putting too much pressure on his chest, resulting in another condition which will also need corrective surgery. Now, of course, it wasn’t particularly anyone’s fault that this happened, but the most heartwarming part of the story is that he’s going to be able to continue receiving free treatment from Shriners even though he’s now techinally over 18.

Any company that pays more attention to common sense than rules & regulations is okay in my book.

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