If I had just one wish for ColdFusion 10

Having spent the better part of 2010 building PDF reports, I can say that I would like to see a complete overhaul of cfdocument. It’s time to bring the HTML and PDF support up to current standards. If I had to narrow it down to a few specifics, here we go:

  • Whatever is currently limiting the HTML/CSS rendering needs to be updated or replaced.
  • We need to have some better way to either calculate, force, or hint to the engine where we do and do not want page breaks.
  • When I create a PDF form, I have the option of making a text field with a variable font size, so the text better fits into the field. I would love to do that inside a cfdocument.

I think that the updates to cfdocument, and with the addition of cfpdf, great strides have been made to bring enterprise features to ColdFusion’s pdf generation, but now it’s time to help the developers meeting the demands of smaller clients.

Update: So, uh, it’s been a long week. I want this in CF 10. 🙂