ColdHeat no longer sells batteries, lousy customer service

So, less than a year after we got a ColdHeat Freestyle glue gun, the original and spare (extended life) batteries we got are dying. They now barely hold a charge. I called them up and ordered three more spares a couple weeks ago, and they said they’d arrive in 5-10 business days.

15 business days later, I call back to get a tracking number, since they hadn’t arrived yet. It seems that they canceled my order without telling me. As it turns out, they no longer sell the batteries. To get a spare (non-extended life) battery, you now must buy a new glue gun. The part that’s even more infuriating is that I had to wait on hold for a collective 20 minutes when I placed the order because the batteries weren’t listed on the web store, and my rep had to go and ask someone else if they sold them and what the price was.

Of course, they only have a 90-day warranty, so even going that route won’t work.

So a quick recap of what a lousy company ColdHeat is…

  1. Sells you products that they don’t carry anymore
  2. Cancels orders without any notification
  3. No longer supports their current product line