Customer service madlib gone awry

Every once in awhile, I have to send out DMCA notices to people who have blatantly stolen our copyrighted materials. Generally, I skip emailing the offender directly (they usually are well aware of what they’ve done), and email the notice to their hosting provider, or the hosting provider’s bandwidth provider.

Today, I got a response from one that I couldn’t believe came from someone in New Jersey.

Thank you for notifying us.

We have copyright infringement complaint from you against the web site
[ed: url redacted] . I have escalated it to our concerned department to look into this. They will contact you soon.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available 24×7.

Too funny.

I’ve given in to WordPress

Yes, I’ve converted my blog over from BlogCFC to WordPress. It was an easy enough process thanks to James Netherton’s migration code.

I also re-organized my posts and categories, slimming down the number of categories I have, and moving most of the metadata over to tags. Hopefully this will help keep things manageable.

Anyone have a good idea of how to get old permalinks to work with WordPress?

Gmail IMAP going down?

I’ve just had two of my Gmail accounts start returning the “IMAP is not availablef or your account” error. Both are Google Apps accounts.

Anyone else having this problem?

About my blog

I got a nice little troll comment from “bob” a bit ago. “bob” is under the impression that because I’m picked up by a particular aggregator, that I should never post about anything other than that aggregator’s subject.

Just to clarify to “bob” and anyone else, this is my personal blog, with a tech focus. Technology means I cover everything from Gadgets to web services to Flex and ColdFusion development. Personal means that I (seldomly) cover something that’s non-tech related.

“bob”, I have a couple suggestions. If you really think that I’m specifically posting things in order to take up valuable space in your reader, don’t flatter yourself. I’m going to bet there are readers or plugins for readers that let you filter out specific blogs so you can filter mine out and stop pestering me. Or, if you think that technology posts shouldn’t be on a technology blog, feel free to complain to the aggregator in question. If anything, you should have complained about the Red Roof Inn posts.

I welcome everyone to offer constructive criticism on my posts, but flat-out complaining about the content on my blog won’t be tolerated. And next time, “bob”, leave your real email address so I can address you directly instead of wasting everyone else’s time with a post like this.