Pintley finally leaves private beta

I’m happy to announce that earlier this month Pintley finally left private beta!

Pintley is like Pandora, but for beer… You sign up, rate beer you like/don’t like, and it provides recommendations for more beer to try. Since most of the people reading this blog are techies, you’ll be happy to know that the back-end is CF9 with Solr, Hibernate & Ehcache, which has really made scaling a breeze.

Sign up, give it a whirl, and let me know what you think.

Facebook Job Connection – an Alternative to LinkedIn

I’ve written my first Facebook application, Job Connection. It allows you to use your Facebook friends network to look for a job by word of mouth. On the flip side, it lets you connect your friends with job openings that you know of.

So, go out, install it, and don’t forget to invite your friends. The application only really will meet it’s potential if you invite your friends.

cf-flex-user-auth Released

I’m happy to announce the immediate availibility of cf-flex-user-auth, a starter application for developers building Flex applications with ColdFusion on the backend. I’ve been working on this for a while now, and it’s gone through two complete rewrites.

The idea behind this is for developers to be able to download this source code, and have a running start at building Flex applications. On the Flex side, we’re using the Mate framework. On the ColdFusion end, we’re not using any framework, since we’re really only exposing the database via CFC’s.

This application covers the basics of a user application, because I was tired of rewriting the wheel every few months:

  • User registration
  • Email confirmation
  • Login
  • Logout

So, go get it now via the Google Code SVN repository. If you need help, read the wonderful documentation.

Special thanks to Laura Arguello for the crash-course on Mate, and Dan Wilson for writing the installation docs.