StringList updated to 1.1

Yeah, two days old, and a new version is released. Yesterday my co-workers at Webapper suggested a few additions to the library. So there was one tiny little bug fix, in addition to a bunch of new methods and constants. I also updated the ASDocs to include examples.

So, check out the project page for a full list of the revisions and the latest download.

Deleting development folders

Just before Christmas, I came across this neat post about deleting SVN folders. It’s just this little registry entry that appears when you right-click a directory, and will recursively go through and delete the .svn folders.

I took that, and created another little script to delete Dreamweaver’s “_notes” folders in the same manner.


Just unzip the files, and double-click it to import it into your registry. You can use the features immediately, without restarting (at least with XP).

StringList 1.0 released!

So I’m keeping on my New Year’s resolution of getting my butt out into the CF/Flex communities, I’m happy to announce my second open-source project.

StringList is a nice little Actionscript 3 library that allows you to manipulate lists. Modeled after the ColdFusion list functions, it includes the classics like listAppend, listLen and listFindNoCase.

Yes, I know it’s not incredibly difficult to manipulate lists, but this is a great bridge for some of the CF folks coming over to Flex.

So, check it out, download the swc or the source, and go forth and be listy.