phpBB3 user authentication with ColdFusion

I needed to quickly authenticate some phpBB3 users in a Flex application, and figured that it’d be no problem. Boy, was I wrong. phpBB does some neat dynamic password hashing trick that, to someone with no php experience like myself, looked to be too complex to emulate in CF.

After some searching, I found this post with tips on how to do it with CFEXECUTE. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get that to work, but I ended up rolling my own, with the help of some guys in #flex.

Download the sample code here.

remote_login.php and assoc_array2xml.php go in the root of your phpbb3 install.

Hope this saves a bunch of people a lot of time.


Flash on the iPhone?

First time I’ve heard rumors that Flash was actually on it’s way to the iPhone.

I have faith that this will happen, even if it has to wait till Adobe gets access to the SDK along with the rest of the world. Let’s hope it’s already done, and they’re just testing it.


CFUnited Hotel available

So they just announced the hotel for CFUnited this year. Remembering being stuck in hotels miles away the past couple years, I immediately went and registered. Already, they’re out of rooms available for a Sunday checkout. So for those of us flying in, we’re kind of stuck with whatever our last flight out is on Saturday. We’ll see how many people turn out for the Saturday sessions. The last flight from DCA back to Chicago is 7:45pm, so hopefully I’ll be able to stay for the last Saturday sessions.


Shan’s Simple Examples: Scale all children in Flex

I’ve decided since I attempt to help people in #flex (on EFNet) and #coldfusion / #cfflex (on DALNet) on a daily basis, that I’ll pick one simple question and try to whip up an example for everyone to see.

Today, someone asked how to scale all children of a container. The basic answer is to just loop over all the children, and set their scaleX and scaleY properties.

Click through for the example and source code.


Shan’s Simple Examples

I’ve started a series of posts on the Webapper blog called Shan’s Simple Examples. I’ll cover Flex and ColdFusion examples as I help others in the IRC channels #flex (EFNet) and #coldfusion / #cfflex (on DALNet).

Hopefully this will turn into a nice library of quick HOW-TOs for us developers.

See a list of blog postings.
View the list of examples.

The first two entries are Flex Not-So Custom Preloader and Scale all children in Flex.