Apple, *PLEASE* Announce Flash on the iPhone at Macworld

I hope that this year there’s one more iPhone feature… Flash on the iPhone. There’s probably going to be an update on the SDK, and what better way to show their support to the developers by announcing that Adobe’s been using the SDK to write a native Flash Player plugin? The only way they could top that for me would be to include an AIR runtime beta 🙂

Anyway, if y’all are on Facebook, please join the Flash Player for iPhone! cause.


NabaztagAPI beta 2 released

So I finally got on my lazy butt (I sit while I code, don’t you?) to finish coding the choreography stuffs. There’s a couple tiny bugs in my code, mostly having to do with sorting. I also need to finish up the metadata so the ASDocs are more useful.

Anyway, have at it…

Demo | Source | SWC


XBox LIVE login issues

It’s been mostly ignored by the social media sites, but XBL has been having major issues the past few days. Inability to log in, people getting kicked off of XBL in the middle of online games, etc… And it’s a worldwide problem, not just in the US. Hopefully Microsoft can actually provide us with the service we *pay* for, on the days we’re getting new games, and actually want top play them online.

Oh, if any of you are able to sign in, have COD4, and want to play, send me an invite. My gamer tag, as you might have guessed, is iotashan.


Nabaztag API for Actionscript 3!

I’m proud to announce my first open-source project. Webapper was kind enough to give us employees each a Nabaztag/tag Rabbit for Christmas. Being the tinkering developer types, we instantly wanted to start messing around with what the bunnies could do, so I wanted to write an application that would let me just send commands to the rabbit.

Of course, there was one closed-source AIR project out there that hasn’t been updated for Beta 3, so I decided to write an API the right way, from scratch.

You can visit the project at RIAForge, and you can view the sample application right on this site.

Nabaztag’s API server has a crossdomain.xml file, but it’s locked down tight, so I’ve included ColdFusion and PHP sample proxy files. podman in #coldfusion was kind enough to write the PHP proxy for me.

Right now the API is complete but untested. The Explorer sample application works, but currently does nothing for choreography. Completing those tasks, along with better commenting and metadata, are what’s in store for the 1.0 release!


Plantronics GameCom X30 and XBox 360 Messenger Kit Review

Last week, I was in the middle of some Team Fortress 2 when everyone started yelling at me that my mic was producing nothing but static. It would seem that the frail little wire that connected it to the controller must have shorted out. It was time to get a new headset.

First I went and got the Plantronics GameCom X30. I love Plantronics headset quality, so I figured it would be perfect. It probably would have been, except that this headset grabs onto your ear from the bottom. Now, I don’t have ears like Will Smith, so it kept falling off. If I turned or tilted my head at all, it would end up half-hanging out of my ear.

I took it back to BestBuy, and figured I’d just get another one of the standard Microsoft headsets. When I got there, the price for the headset alone was $19, but the price for the XBox 360 Messenger Kit, which also comes with the same headset, was $29. I figured for $10, I might as well try it out. I’ve had it for a couple hours now, and I must say it’s not bad. It’s definitely faster and easier to type out messages. Connecting it was a tad tricky, but no big deal. The headset that comes with it is the “revised” headset. You can tell the difference by the connector… It’s just the plug. The volume and mute switch are actually halfway up the cord. This headset actually provides richer sound, better base response, and the microphone actually seems to pick up my voice more accurately.

By reading the manual (You’re surprised, aren’t you?), I discovered that this keyboard has another trick up it’s sleeve… You can hook up any standard 2.5mm headset. So now, you can actually get a nice telephone headset (not the cheap-o ones for wireless phones, but ones actually designed for people who wear a telephone headset all day like customer service reps or receptionists) and use it with your 360.