Welcome to my new site, again

I’ve finished moving everything over to WordPress now. I ditched the Flex site I was building because since I started it, I’ve decided to make my site less of a personal site and more of my portal to the Flex/AIR/CF community. Also, since I had started that site, I’ve started to focus on open-source projects, some my own, some that I contribute to.

I also have switched back to the design that everyone seemed to like so much. We’ll see how long this lasts, now that I have the vast library of WordPress templates at my fingertips.

I should have some neat announcements this month, so stay tuned.

URL Encoding in Actionscript

Sometimes you just need to URL encode a string (URLEncodedFormat() in CF, or urlencode() in PHP), and not actually make a HTTP request. Here’s a simple library for you to use, that I wrote for my OAuth actionscript lib.

Attached is URLEncoding.as for your enjoyment.