More conference speaking engagements!

My blog has been sorely neglected. Work had taken over pretty much all free time, but I’m starting to get a handle on things again. That being said, I’m diving deep in to Flex 4 development, and I should have my first iPhone application finished this summer. Oh, and I’m speaking at a couple conferences.

cf.Objective() – April 22-24, Minneapolis
I’ll be presenting “Build a Better Search with Apache Solr”. I will not be covering CFSEARCH in ColdFusion 9. We’ll be looking at the real Solr engine, and everything it has to offer. If all you’re doing is sticking a few flat files into Verity, and you’re happy with the results, this isn’t for you. If you’ve ever hit Verity’s custom field limit, if you need to search structured data, or if you ditched using Verity for expensive database queries, then you need to see what Solr can do for you. You do NOT need to be running CF9 to implement Solr.

CFUnited – July 28-31, Lansdowne, VA
I’ll be presenting two topics, the same Solr talk as cf.Objective (scroll up just a little bit if you forgot), and “Getting the Most Development out of your Mac”. This is a fast-paced session in which I’ll be covering some of the best free and commercial tools to get your job done, along with plenty of tips & tricks, shortcuts, and things you probably didn’t know your Mac could do.