StringList updated to 1.1

Yeah, two days old, and a new version is released. Yesterday my co-workers at Webapper suggested a few additions to the library. So there was one tiny little bug fix, in addition to a bunch of new methods and constants. I also updated the ASDocs to include examples.

So, check out the project page for a full list of the revisions and the latest download.

StringList 1.0 released!

So I’m keeping on my New Year’s resolution of getting my butt out into the CF/Flex communities, I’m happy to announce my second open-source project.

StringList is a nice little Actionscript 3 library that allows you to manipulate lists. Modeled after the ColdFusion list functions, it includes the classics like listAppend, listLen and listFindNoCase.

Yes, I know it’s not incredibly difficult to manipulate lists, but this is a great bridge for some of the CF folks coming over to Flex.

So, check it out, download the swc or the source, and go forth and be listy.