StringList 1.0 released!

So I’m keeping on my New Year’s resolution of getting my butt out into the CF/Flex communities, I’m happy to announce my second open-source project.

StringList is a nice little Actionscript 3 library that allows you to manipulate lists. Modeled after the ColdFusion list functions, it includes the classics like listAppend, listLen and listFindNoCase.

Yes, I know it’s not incredibly difficult to manipulate lists, but this is a great bridge for some of the CF folks coming over to Flex.

So, check it out, download the swc or the source, and go forth and be listy.

Nabaztag API for Actionscript 3!

I’m proud to announce my first open-source project. Webapper was kind enough to give us employees each a Nabaztag/tag Rabbit for Christmas. Being the tinkering developer types, we instantly wanted to start messing around with what the bunnies could do, so I wanted to write an application that would let me just send commands to the rabbit.

Of course, there was one closed-source AIR project out there that hasn’t been updated for Beta 3, so I decided to write an API the right way, from scratch.

You can visit the project at RIAForge, and you can view the sample application right on this site.

Nabaztag’s API server has a crossdomain.xml file, but it’s locked down tight, so I’ve included ColdFusion and PHP sample proxy files. podman in #coldfusion was kind enough to write the PHP proxy for me.

Right now the API is complete but untested. The Explorer sample application works, but currently does nothing for choreography. Completing those tasks, along with better commenting and metadata, are what’s in store for the 1.0 release!