I’ve given in to WordPress

Yes, I’ve converted my blog over from BlogCFC to WordPress. It was an easy enough process thanks to James Netherton’s migration code.

I also re-organized my posts and categories, slimming down the number of categories I have, and moving most of the metadata over to tags. Hopefully this will help keep things manageable.

Anyone have a good idea of how to get old permalinks to work with WordPress?

All your Flex are belong to ME!

Greetings, AYFABU readers. Welcome to my wonderful little blog about CF, Flex, Tech and life in general. Be sure to catch up on some of my previous posts (there’s not too many of them).

I’ll be adding badges to the blog later today.

New blog design

The standard BlogCFC layout was too boring, so I went searching for a new one. I found this neat-o one for WordPress, and thus began the long and painful process of converting it over to BlogCFC.

Welcome to my new site!

I’ve finally given in and started my own blog. Nobody’s going to read it, but I needed somewhere to post stuff not appropriate for the Webapper blog. I’m not entirely sure what all I’m going to do here, but I guess I can do anything I like since nobody’s reading 🙂

I also re-designed my site. Since I’ve been doing nearly 100% Flex development for over a year now, I figured that I should eat my own dog food. Yes, this blog isn’t in Flex, but I’d rather that search engines pick it up.

I’ll be adding to and refining the site over time. I’ll probably start with re-skinning the blog from the default blogCFC colors.