CFUnited meetup for the IRC crowd

I’ve finally created the event for those of us that hang out in #coldfusion and #flex, that are going to CFUnited. Many expressed interest in such an event, so let’s do it.

When you sign up, be sure to include your /nick and real name, so I can make some nifty name badges.

On a side note, Crusher is a great site. Evite sucks, and Crusher has a couple key features:

  • True Public Events: people don’t need to sign up to RSVP
  • Web 2.0: It’s using some pretty slick AJAX stuffs & mashups with Google & Flickr
So, check out Crusher, and come to our little get-together.

CFUnited Hotel available

So they just announced the hotel for CFUnited this year. Remembering being stuck in hotels miles away the past couple years, I immediately went and registered. Already, they’re out of rooms available for a Sunday checkout. So for those of us flying in, we’re kind of stuck with whatever our last flight out is on Saturday. We’ll see how many people turn out for the Saturday sessions. The last flight from DCA back to Chicago is 7:45pm, so hopefully I’ll be able to stay for the last Saturday sessions.