CFUnited meetup for the IRC crowd

I’ve finally created the event for those of us that hang out in #coldfusion and #flex, that are going to CFUnited. Many expressed interest in such an event, so let’s do it.

When you sign up, be sure to include your /nick and real name, so I can make some nifty name badges.

On a side note, Crusher is a great site. Evite sucks, and Crusher has a couple key features:

  • True Public Events: people don’t need to sign up to RSVP
  • Web 2.0: It’s using some pretty slick AJAX stuffs & mashups with Google & Flickr
So, check out Crusher, and come to our little get-together.

Moving to Mac: ColdFusion 8.01

Since my original Moving to Mac post, Adobe was kind enough to throw me into the ColdFusion 8.01 pre-release program. A quick download later, and I got to run the installer. Not only was the install process about 10x faster than my last CF8 install on Windows, but the process *after* the install, the loading screen you get the first time you try to go into the cfadmin, was only up for about 5 seconds before it was done. I remember on my Windows 2003 quad-core Xeon server it took what seemed like 5 minutes.

The even better news: The installer just *works*. It detected my default OS X Apache install, got the connector all wired up properly, and it’s lightning fast. Great news for everyone else thinking about switching to a Mac / Leopard!

phpBB3 user authentication with ColdFusion

I needed to quickly authenticate some phpBB3 users in a Flex application, and figured that it’d be no problem. Boy, was I wrong. phpBB does some neat dynamic password hashing trick that, to someone with no php experience like myself, looked to be too complex to emulate in CF.

After some searching, I found this post with tips on how to do it with CFEXECUTE. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get that to work, but I ended up rolling my own, with the help of some guys in #flex.

Download the sample code here.

remote_login.php and assoc_array2xml.php go in the root of your phpbb3 install.

Hope this saves a bunch of people a lot of time.