Adobe Creative Suite does not work on Case Sensitive file systems

I spent a few hours yesterday formatting my Mac Pro and reinstalling OS X. When I formatted the drive, I thought that it would be great to set the file system to be case sensitive. A few hours later, with my OS updated & set up how I wanted, I started installing applications. I went to install CS4, and got a lovely dialog box telling me that CS4 will not install onto case sensitive file systems. Apparently, CS has had this limitation forever, and Adobe has ignored many, many complaints about this.

There really is no good excuse that I can think of. There are workarounds if you go into the adobe folders and start changing the case of the first letter of various directories & files, but then the Adobe Updater will fail when you go to install updates. Adobe, please fix this. I know it’s not a huge feature you can blow your horn about, but it’s very, very annoying to have to format & reinstall an OS because of a silly limitation.