FileZilla: Finally, a worthy replacement for leechFTP

I’ve used leechFTP for years. In fact, I’ve been using it for many years since they stopped developing it. I’ve gotten used to the German error messages, occasional crashes and other oddities because until now, there was no equal. The main advantage leechFTP had over any other client was that it did threaded uploads/downloads. This was a *huge* time saver when uploading & downloading a bunch of tiny files. With any FTP client, it usually takes longer to open and close the connection than to download a < 10k file. The ability to do a bunch of these at the same time drastically cuts transfer times.

Then, I found out about FileZilla. Cross-platform and open source, there is no downside. The main feature I like is that it supports up to 4 simultaneous threads. Another bonus is the quick connect menu, so you can quickly access your saved sites with just one click. It’s been rock-solid, and the error messages are in English 🙂 rating: 5 out of 5!