Moving to Mac: SVN, Finale

So, after struggling with all other SVN clients, I’ve settled on a commercial product, Syncro SVN Client. It’s no TortoiseSVN, but it’s got all of the major SVN functionality, it works, and it’s stable. Combine that with the light bit of stuff that I do via Subclipse, and I’ve got all the SVN goodness I need to get along.

I’m still holding out hope for a TortiseSVN port, though.

Moving to Mac: SVN, Redux

For all of you following this, keep in mind that I’m considering the baseline standard to be TortoiseSVN. I like how it works, so everything else is being compared to a high standard.

So, it turns out that scplugin doesn’t work well. After using it once, it promptly forgot my login information, with no obvious way to reset it.

I’ve been using svnX for a few days now, and I really don’t like it. It tries to dumb SVN down for you, which turns out to be more confusing than anything.

Getting desperate, I promptly downloaded RapidSVN, SVN Finder Scripts, and Syncro SVN.

I promptly un-installed Syncro SVN when I realized it wasn’t free, since I still had free alternatives out there to evaluate.

The SVN Finder scripts worked, though I like visual feedback while the actions are running, rather than just a confirmation box when it’s all done. That was, however, my only complaint. You just select whatever you want to run SVN commands on, and then select the command from the AppleScript menu. Watch the webcast on the site for more information.

RapidSVN seems to be the winner for me. I like it’s built-in browser, and the ability to selectively check-in files. After I wired it up to DiffMerge via the instructions on the RapidSVN site, everything started running smoothly. I’ve used it for about a a day now, and am not suffering from the instant dislike I had with svnX.

I’ll let you know if I end up switching again.

Moving to Mac: SVN

I loved TortoiseSVN. I miss TortoiseSVN. I’ve found a great tool for the Mac that does a very poor impression of TortoiseSVN, but is still useable. scplugin is a Finder contextual menu item that exposes most SVN commands. It’s worked like a charm, so far.

Wanting to also see some GUI stuff, I downloaded svnX, which is a great tool, also. The combination of the two I think will suit me just fine.

Yes, I have subclipse installed, but just like on Windows, I don’t like using it. The only reason it gets installed is so .svn directories don’t get copied over as assets when I compile my Flex projects 🙂

Deleting development folders

Just before Christmas, I came across this neat post about deleting SVN folders. It’s just this little registry entry that appears when you right-click a directory, and will recursively go through and delete the .svn folders.

I took that, and created another little script to delete Dreamweaver’s “_notes” folders in the same manner.


Just unzip the files, and double-click it to import it into your registry. You can use the features immediately, without restarting (at least with XP).