CFUnited meetup for the IRC crowd

I’ve finally created the event for those of us that hang out in #coldfusion and #flex, that are going to CFUnited. Many expressed interest in such an event, so let’s do it.

When you sign up, be sure to include your /nick and real name, so I can make some nifty name badges.

On a side note, Crusher is a great site. Evite sucks, and Crusher has a couple key features:

  • True Public Events: people don’t need to sign up to RSVP
  • Web 2.0: It’s using some pretty slick AJAX stuffs & mashups with Google & Flickr
So, check out Crusher, and come to our little get-together.

URL Encoding in Actionscript

Sometimes you just need to URL encode a string (URLEncodedFormat() in CF, or urlencode() in PHP), and not actually make a HTTP request. Here’s a simple library for you to use, that I wrote for my OAuth actionscript lib.

Attached is for your enjoyment.

Spellchecking in Flex

I just came across <spellcheck:*>>, a neat replacement for the TextArea and RichTextArea components. It provides client-side or server-side spell checking, along with custom dictionaries.

The best part is that it’s donation-ware, so just claim you built it yourself, it took a week, and pass your hourly rate along to the author*. Just don’t send them $5 and consider yourself even 🙂

*Don’t actually do this.