All your Flex are belong to ME!

Greetings, AYFABU readers. Welcome to my wonderful little blog about CF, Flex, Tech and life in general. Be sure to catch up on some of my previous posts (there’s not too many of them).

I’ll be adding badges to the blog later today.

Join us in #flex

There’s a bunch of us Flex developer types who hang out in the #flex IRC channel on EFNet. Y’all should drop by and hang out. It’s a great place to ask questions and learn things before they make their way into blog postings across the interwebs.

StringList 1.0 released!

So I’m keeping on my New Year’s resolution of getting my butt out into the CF/Flex communities, I’m happy to announce my second open-source project.

StringList is a nice little Actionscript 3 library that allows you to manipulate lists. Modeled after the ColdFusion list functions, it includes the classics like listAppend, listLen and listFindNoCase.

Yes, I know it’s not incredibly difficult to manipulate lists, but this is a great bridge for some of the CF folks coming over to Flex.

So, check it out, download the swc or the source, and go forth and be listy.

NabaztagAPI beta 2 released

So I finally got on my lazy butt (I sit while I code, don’t you?) to finish coding the choreography stuffs. There’s a couple tiny bugs in my code, mostly having to do with sorting. I also need to finish up the metadata so the ASDocs are more useful.

Anyway, have at it…

Demo | Source | SWC